Some images from my hike up Mt. Rose in the Olympic NF. The weather was fantastic this weekend, but this trail was brutally hard and steep – it rises 3,500 feet over 2.9 miles. It was one of the most difficult hikes I’ve done recently. The views were pleasant at the top. The summit was mostly barren because of a 2005 forest fire. If you need to get in shape for some mountaineering or uphill footraces, I recommend this hike. Otherwise, I might just do it once to say you did and then stick to hiking up Mt. Ellinor. Ellinor offers some much better views. Also, no goats (from what I saw) on Mt. Rose. Stayed tuned at the end of this week for my trail review!

Mt Rose


From the Trail: Mount Rose Trail

4 thoughts on “From the Trail: Mount Rose Trail

  1. Thanks! You’ve confirmed what I’ve heard about Rose. Every year the husband and I contemplate Rose (because we’ve not done it) and do Ellinor, instead. Sounds like we’re wise to stick with that!


    • Yes, I don’t think it’s worth it. I suggest just sticking to Ellinor – the views are much nicer and it’s a more interesting hike (I really like climbing through the alpine fields near the summit).

      Thanks for your post about Degoede Bulb Farm. I had never heard of it and my wife and I checked it out last week. It was very pretty there with all the tulips in bloom.


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