It was a rough hike in the Olympics today. The hike up the Putvin Trail towards the Lake of the Angels started off great with beautiful weather and clear skies. However, right before climbing up the headwall, it started to snow. We got within a half mile of the Lake of the Angels before we were forced to turn back as the snow and sleet came down heavier. Made it to the aptly named Pond of the False Prophet before we lost the trail in the snow. It was pretty among the alpine streams and meadows near the top (I think it’s called the Valley of Heaven). But, as the pond’s name suggests, it doesn’t beat the real thing, the alpine lake we hiked so far to (almost) reach. Oh well, this just gives us an excuse to return this summer! The photo collage shows the Pond of the False Prophet and some of the Skokomish Wilderness peaks you can see from the Putvin Trail. Stayed tuned next week for my review of the Putvin Trail.


From the Trail: Putvin Trail (almost) to Lake of the Angels

2 thoughts on “From the Trail: Putvin Trail (almost) to Lake of the Angels

  1. Wow, super-nice site! I’m sorry you didn’t make it all the way to Lake of the Angels. Everything I know about that trail, you worked extremely hard to get as far as you did. Hope the infamous rocky section wasn’t too dicey going down.

    I’ll look forward to following your trail reports and checking on your archive, especially since it looks like you do a fair amount of family hiking (I’ve got a couple younger boys who love the woods).


    • Thanks for following my blog Tyrannosaurus! Yeah it was tough scrambling down the steep section (I think it’s called the wall or something?). By the time we made it back to that section it was snowing pretty hard so we took our time and ended up alright. I can’t wait for another crack at this trail this summer. The snow covering was so heavy at the ponds that I couldn’t figure out where the trail went. I guess that’s why it pays to read a detailed trail review beforehand and to bring a good map.


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