From the Trail: Lower South Fork Skokomish River Trail

Today I hiked part of the trail along the Lower South Fork Skokomish River in Olympic National Forest. Starting at the trailhead near Le Bar Creek Horse Camp, I hiked in to the former site of Camp Comfort (about 4.5 miles one way) alongside the river. The first section was a difficult uphill then downhill climb, but the rest of the hike was amazing as the trail passed through old-growth forest almost the entire way. A beautiful area tucked away in the South Fork Skokomish River watershed. Stayed next week for my review.


From the Trail: Lena Lakes

A shot from Lena Lake today in the Olympic National Forest. It was a nice hike and the weather complied for the most part – only got sprinkled on a little. Can’t wait to hike up to Upper Lena Lakes and try camping at Lena (pictured); the campsites along the lake look beautiful. Also, I’m wondering if you can climb to the top of the Brothers nearby? Stay tuned next week for my review. 🙂


Lena Lake from viewpoint on Lena Lakes Trail.


The Newly Reopened Woodard Bay Natural Resources Conservation Area

I got out and explored the Woodard Bay NRCA today and finally got to hike down to the pier area. I’ve been a few times to the Upper Overlook Trail (which closes March-August) but never to the opposite side of Woodard Bay because they were previously doing repairs there. The hike is only about two miles out and back but the Loop Trail goes through some pretty forested areas. The Loop Trail and the dirt road that parallel it both end at the Chapman Bay Pier, where timber companies use to unload logs for transport up the Puget Sound until about the 1980s. Up until February of this year, the state was removing sections of the old pier and sprucing up the place. It looks beautiful and is great for picnicking and for family hikes. I added some photos of it to my post. If you do go, definitely take the Loop Trail, ideally on the way out there. The road, which is closed to all both authorized NRCA employees, is handicapped accessible. Also, you’ll need a Washington State Discover Pass to park at the trailhead.

I know I’m behind a few trail review posts but hopefully this will tide you over until next week. I started this blog as part of a class assignment and decided to keep it going because it was fun and let me share some of my hikes. That said, blogging on a regular basis is a lot of work! Hats off to those writers who keep it going without fail. Anyways, my semester ends this week so next I can catch up with posts about Mima Mounds, Hugo Peak, and the beautiful Flapjack Lakes hike I did a few weekends ago. Until then, Happy Hiking!

View from the Trail: Flapjack Lakes Trail



Flapjack Lake, Olympic N.P.

Got out this weekend and explored the Skokomish River Trail to Flapjack Lakes Trail, beginning at Staircase Visitor Center in Olympic National Park. The views along the way and at the top were amazing. I got lucky in that the rain cleared up right when I started hiking. Beautiful hike and well worth the effort. Stayed tuned for review and, in the meantime, listen to my recent podcast on Olympic National Park with a guest expert from the National Park Service.

Madeline Creek, Flapjack Lakes Trail, Olympic NP

Madeline Creek, Flapjack Lakes Trail, Olympic National Park