New Trail Rating Measurements

Check out new half-ratings for the Trail Difficulty and Trail Conditions assessments:
traildifficulty_rating  (2)              trailconditions_rating (3)
These new measurements will allow me to provide greater accuracy in my trail reviews.

Also, I’ve added a new assessment: Trail Biodiversity. Trail Biodiversity will let me review and evaluate the variety of natural elements on trails and in hiking areas that I review. Check out the symbols:
traildiversity_rating (1)
traildiversity_rating (2)
traildiversity_rating (3) copy 2

As always, let me know what you think in the Community Forum. Happy Hiking!

PNwP Inaugural Podcast w/ Guest Expert Barbara Maynes of the National Park Service


Click image for podcast.

Check out my first podcast, hosted here on PodBean, and learn about some of my favorite hikes and hiking areas in Olympic National Park and hear from Barbara Maynes, Public Information Officer with Olympic National Park, about recently completed and in-the-works projects and upgrades to the park. Ms. Maynes discusses the recently re-opened Pyramid Peak trail, the Elwha River Restoration project and a new overlook along the river, and upgrades to two of the park’s popular visitor centers. Follow along with a trail map, check out recent visitor statistics for the park, and learn more about goings-on at Olympic National Park.

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13 Amazingly Photogenic Reasons to Call the Pacific Northwest Home

Mitchell’s article and accompanying photos beautifully and poignantly describe and showcase some of the best reasons to live and play in the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, if you ever need or want to create a bucket list of outdoor places to visit in Washington and Oregon, I would start with his list. Seeing it makes me realize just how much more I need to explore in my home-state and in Oregon.

They Made It! Hikers First to Thru-Hike Pacific Crest in Winter

If you haven’t been keeping up, long-distance hikers Shawn Forry and Justin Lichter, both of California, started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail last October in hopes of becoming the first to ever thru-hike the 2,650-mile trail in the winter. Well they just finished. It’s especially notable since they gave themselves less than 20 percent odds of finishing.

In sort-of related news, the Pacific Crest Trail Association revamped its permitting system to only allow 50 long-distance hikers to begin the trek each day. The organization expects a record number of hikers this year following the popularity of the film “Wild”.