From the Trail: Lower South Fork Skokomish River Trail

Today I hiked part of the trail along the Lower South Fork Skokomish River in Olympic National Forest. Starting at the trailhead near Le Bar Creek Horse Camp, I hiked in to the former site of Camp Comfort (about 4.5 miles one way) alongside the river. The first section was a difficult uphill then downhill climb, but the rest of the hike was amazing as the trail passed through old-growth forest almost the entire way. A beautiful area tucked away in the South Fork Skokomish River watershed. Stayed next week for my review.


Review: Lena Lake Trail, Olympic NF

The Lena Lake Trail in the Hamma Hamma River watershed offers a spectacular hike up to a scenic alpine lake and easy access to other trails, including the Upper Lena Lake Trail in the Olympic NP and the path into the Valley of Silent Men in the Brothers Wilderness area. I hiked to Lena Lake (the lower one) with my son in early April. The hike up wasn’t too difficult, though it included lots of switchbacks in the first mile. At the end of this approx. 2.5-mile-long trail (5 miles out and back), I was greeted with amazing views of Lena Lake and the surrounding peaks. Many campsites line the western and northern sides of Lena Lake. I expect that this is a popular hike, especially during the summer season.


Lena Lake viewpoint.

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From the Trail: Lena Lakes

A shot from Lena Lake today in the Olympic National Forest. It was a nice hike and the weather complied for the most part – only got sprinkled on a little. Can’t wait to hike up to Upper Lena Lakes and try camping at Lena (pictured); the campsites along the lake look beautiful. Also, I’m wondering if you can climb to the top of the Brothers nearby? Stay tuned next week for my review. 🙂


Lena Lake from viewpoint on Lena Lakes Trail.